About Us

Who We Are

We are a specialty life scientific marketplace. We are pharma's complete solution for bulk slow moving, surplus, and specialty products. Our passion starts and ends with helping Pharma distributors and makers establish partnerships to reduce write-offs and environmental impacts of these products

What We Do

We either facilitate one-time purchases between you and a partner or we facilitate ongoing supply agreements under specific conditions for resale. We ensure you never have to put valuable surplus in a landfill again. We cover APIs, starting materials, consumables, and equipment.

Our Customers

Pharmaceutical Distributors, Trades, Manufacturers, and Researchers

  • A better solution than disposal. Resell your quality slow moving stock and strengthen your supply chain

Industry Buyers

  • A better way to buy green. Find low cost and sustainable quality products for your operations.

Our Value


  • cGMP, CFR 21, and industry guidelines are the life blood of transactions.


  • All you have to do is tell us your product data. We'll do the rest.


  • We are experts at developing terms various terms for specific products.


  • No fees unless products sell


  • Strong Service Agreements and No commitments until you're happy with the deal.

How it Works

Selling or Partnering

  • Specialty and bulk products can be resold by submitting your product data via our website. Our team of experts will review the data and contact you with questions. Your personal and company information is always kept confidential. Terms and agreements are completed once we have located a qualified buyer.
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