F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

What is RawConnect?

We are a specialty life scientific marketplace. We are pharma's complete solution for bulk slow-moving, surplus, and specialty products. Our passion starts and ends with helping Pharma distributors and makers establish partnerships to reduce writeoffs and environmental impacts of these products.

We either facilitate one-time purchases between you and a partner or we facilitate ongoing supply agreements under specific conditions for resale. We ensure you never have to put valuable surplus in a landfill again. We cover APIs, starting materials, consumables, and equipment.

How do I get started Selling?

Contact us and provide your product data. One of our account representations will contact you for more information as needed. We list your products, source you a partner, and help faciliate the transaction.

How do I get started Buying?

Please browse our catalog here. Provide a Wish List so we can can the product or a partner.

Can I source cGMP materials?

We do our best to ensure all resold and new products are manufactured and stored within 21CFR guidelines. However, Buyers must analyze all information and work with Sellers to determine if products meet their cGMP needs.

What does it cost?

No Monthly Fees. No costs if your product does not sell. We apply a simple commission to transactions.

How are products listed?

Our experts list products for sale on the marketplace after the data has been provided and we have analyzed. You'll be able to see your products, but your company and personal information will be confidential.

What type of products can I sell, resell, or donate??

Products eligible must have an inherent value and be scientific. These include, but are not limited to APIs, intermediates, excipients, raw materials, consumables, devices, and equipment. Resold products must be bulk and specialty with significant value to the scientific community.

How are products shipped?

Sellers and Buyers facilitate shipping. RawConnect can provide 3rd party shipping services as needed.

How are Sales Confirmed?

RawConnect will facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers and issue the sales order.

How are complaints handled?

RawConnect investigates each complaint. Complaints can be submitted to info@rawconnectqc.com, by calling 844-383-7272, or using the Contact Us page.

How does Payment work?

RC handles all payment from Buyers and remits to Sellers based on agreed payment terms.

How do returns work?

RawConnect mandates our Sellers and buyers honor the terms of there agreements. All returns criteria will be included in the sale agreement. RawConnect handles payment and will hold payment as needed to ensure returns are smooth.