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Create Better Supply Streams

  1. Identify materials and products of write-off risks & costs
  2. Identify the conditions for diversion (expiration, off spec, etc.)
  3. Partner with firm(s) who will purchase under those conditions

One Time Sales

  1. Provide Product Data
  2. Buyer Matched and Quoted
  3. Sale Facilitated

Our Marketplace Solution

  • Win for environmental sustainability
  • Win for Cost
  • Win for Social Responsibility
  • Title & Responsibility Transfers

Traditional Disposal Solutions

  • Environment Impacts
  • Higher Costs
  • Lacking Community Involvement
  • Title & Responsibility Retained
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Why Now?

  • Retroactive liability with ever tightening regulations is always a risk
  • Patients pay for disposal costs and write-offs
  • Disposal releases materials to the environmental

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