Rules and Policies Page


RawConnect handles all payments between Buyers and Sellers. RC provides simple payment instructions.


Shipping is facilitated by the Seller unless otherwise agreed. Parties can agree to handle shipping separately (outside RawConnect); Parties agree who handles shipping; Parties agree who pays for shipping.


Physical returns are handled solely between Sellers and Buyers. RC will return payment automatically if a request to return is provided to Seller from the Buyer within 30 days of delivery. After 30 days, RC will remit payment minus fees. Any payment returns after 30 days are handled directly between the Seller and Buyer.


RC does not provide or impose warranties. Sellers are encouraged to use our preapproved sales terms or develop their own warranty terms.


All resale products must possess significant intrinsic value for use within the scientific community. Donation listing must possess a continued value to the scientific community. RC reserves the right to refuse listings for any reason.

GMP & Quality

RC, nor its Sellers, can determine if a product is for cGMP use. Only Buyers can make that determination. Sellers will transparently communicate all product data so Buyers can make the best determination if products meet their requirements.

Environmental & HAZMAT

All Sellers and Buyers must abide by the applicable U.S. code of governing regulatory authorities to sell, donate, transport, buy, store, or use products classified as hazardous in under 40 CFR 261. The Seller the Buyer must determine that all products sold have continued value.

International Parties

Sellers and Buyers must possess the legal authority to trade with international entities. Sellers and Buyers agree to the international standards for Good Manufacturing practices under the World Health Organization guidelines.


All Sellers and Buyers must possess the applicable license and adhere to applicable governing authority regulation when selling and receiving APIs, finished products, and other controlled substances as described in 21 CFR.

Supplemental Agreements

All supplemental agreements between Buyers and Sellers must be referenced in the Sales Agreement before the sales confirmation can take place.


RC does not, and cannot, exercise control over transactions between Sellers and Buyers. However, RC does set rules and standards for transacting on the marketplace, and as such, will conduct investigations as appropriate.

Sales Confirmation

RC will issue all sales order for signatures. The exact sales confirmation requirements will be listed in the sales agreement.